Our Perennial Collections

The Perennial Collections encompass American Woolen's complete line of core apparel fabrics. From the soundly essential Lawrence Collection to the stylishly metropolitan Harrison Collection and the luxurious Ayer Collection, American Woolen's Perennials draw on class designs to elevate and redefine authentic American style. 




The Lawrence Collection


Named for American Woolen Company's founding city of Lawrence, Massachusetts, the mill's Lawrence Collection of predominantly S110 qualities form the foundation of the company's style aesthetic. In addition to a wide selection of twills and plain weaves for jacketing and suiting, the collection contains traditional whipcords, cavalry and coverts which make for fine trousers. 


The Harrison Collection


American Woolen Company's Harrison Cloth Collection redefines the American metropolitan style aesthetic. Drawing on a rich Anglo-American heritage of pattern, color and finish, the Harrison collection builds upon the Lawrence collection to offer a range of primarily S130 worsted and exotic blend woolen qualities.


The Ayer Collection


American Woolen’s Ayer collection is a testament to timeless refinement. Containing the best in fine worsteds and luxurious woolens, the collection includes cashmere, camel hair and extra-fine merino fabrics. The noblest of natural fibers give the fabrics both a soft hand and a lasting durability. American Woolen’s master artisans refine the fabric to achieve the optimum level of luxury.


The American Cloth 


In keeping with our rich brand heritage, American Woolen has developed cloth collections that are 100% American. The hard working American Cloth Collection represents timeless elegance all the while evoking an American attitude. Texas, Wyoming and Colorado sourced fleece is spun into the finest yarns and then woven and finished in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. The collections reaffirm American Woolen’s commitment to provenance, quality and craft.


Oswego Serge

Our “Oswego Serge” signature fabric is a hardworking Batavia twill. A strong, yet extremely supple fabric, serge came to prominence in 16th century France due to its use in military commanders’ uniforms. Early 20th century American cloth makers took serge to a higher level by constructing tighter weaves with finer yarns. These improvements made serge stronger and more resistant, while giving it a softer hand.

Puritan Cloth

American Woolen’s Puritan Cloth is a durable 4 harness twill that has attitude and style. Dating back to 1911, the Puritan Cloth was an American Woolen staple outfitting sophisticated outdoorsmen and rugged businessmen alike. The two ply yarns in both warp and weft make it a more balanced and honest cloth.


The Warren Cloth Collection


The Warren Cloth represents American Woolen's In-Stock Collection.  These qualities range from Super 110's to Super 130's and also include cashmere and camel hair.  The collection is named after the historic mill where it all began in 1853 and where we continue the tradition today.  Available by the piece (55 yards), half piece or cut length, the Warren Collection offers emerging designers, custom tailors and smaller brands the convenience of stock service as well as a specially designed label from American's oldest and most renowned mill.  Please contact us if you are interested in receiving our latest in-stock book.