Fall / Winter 2017 : Hudson, NY

Hudson, New York, the inspiration of our Fall/Winter 2017 collection, is America’s quintessential autumn destination. For much of its history, Hudson was established as a whaling town (yes, on the Hudson River!) and then an industrial port city specializing in the shipping, manufacturing and building trades. Today, it’s legacy of craftsmanship endures as a flourishing arts and antiques center. Both rural and sophisticated, Hudson features beautifully preserved historic buildings, sophisticated shops and restaurants, and a lively cultural scene set among rolling hills and sweeping river vistas. One cannot help but notice the rich color palette of greens, browns & blues as well as the rugged and refined textures in the natural and built landscapes. It is dynamic, small town America at its best.

Gray Color Story

Red Color Story

Brown Color Story

Blue Color Story

Green Color Story