An American Story

American Woolen Company is a prominent name in the story of American textiles. As the leading producer of worsted and woolen cloth at the beginning of the 20th century, American Woolen Company owned and operated 58 textile mills throughout New England and employed over 40,000 people. The company was recognized for its superior product quality as well as its focus on innovative manufacturing processes, a distinction that helped it maintain a competitive edge in an extremely challenging industry.

In 2014, the new American Woolen Company relaunched its business through the purchase of Warren Mills, a Stafford Springs, Connecticut based textile mill. Founded in 1853, Warren Mills was originally America’s most prominent manufacturer of fine camel hair and cashmere woolen fabrics.

Today, Warren Mills is the manufacturing headquarters of American Woolen Company. It is the only domestic mill capable of producing the highest qualities of both worsted and woolen cloth. American Woolen Company is committed to bringing back the jobs and technical mastery required to make the finest natural fiber fabrics in the world, in America.