The Return of the American Suit

The Return of the American Suit

At the start of the 20th century, the vast majority of American men wore suits not only as a sign of respect but a sign of dignity. The tailored suit was the American man's uniform, both in the office and out on the town.

A New Approach to Luxury

In a recent article discussing the release of Burberry's challenging financial results, Bloomberg reported some striking news. In addition to strategic changes taking place within the world of Burberry to combat stagnant revenue growth, Chief Executive Officer, Christopher Baily, unveiled plans to build a new manufacturing and weaving facility in Leeds, England to produce the label’s signature trench coats. Burberry follows other European luxury retailers, including LVMH and Prada who are investing in dedicated manufacturing capacity in the face of soft trading conditions. 


American Woolen Company supports the Fashion Revolution movement.
Know where your clothes are manufactured and who is making them.
All American Woolen Company premium fabrics are made at our mill in Stafford Springs, Connecticut by our team of proud craftsmen and women.

A Proper Suit

The American Tailor - Commonwealth Proper signature suit
The CMMP signature 2 button, peaked lapel suit crafted in American Woolen Company’s Super 130 Deep Navy worsted wool fabric.
Photographed at American Woolen’s Warren Mills in Stafford Springs, CT


American Woolen Company’s new campaign shares the stories of the style masters and modern tailors ushering in a new found appreciation for the art of tailoring and dressing the American male.