The American Cloth: Oswego Serge

In keeping with our rich brand heritage, American Woolen Company will be introducing a line of Signature Fabrics in 2015 as our commitment to reestablishing “The American Cloth”.

Our “Oswego Serge” signature fabric is a hardworking batavia twill composed of domestic yarn spun in Maine, then woven and finished by American Woolen Company in Connecticut making it a pure New England cloth.
First discovered in the 9th century AD, serge is a twill weave that displays ridges on both sides of the cloth. A strong, yet extremely supple fabric used in suits and coats, serge came to prominence in 16th century France due to its use in military commanders’ uniforms. Early 20th century American cloth makers took serge to a higher level by constructing tighter weaves with finer yarns. These improvements made the serge stronger and more resistant, while giving it a softer hand. Both elegant and timeless, American Woolen’s signature serge fabrics are ideal for today’s fine tailored apparel.  
American Woolen Company
Reintroducing: Excellence. Made in America.

Paula perfecting the Oswego Serge in the mending process