The American Cloth

In keeping with our rich brand heritage, American Woolen Company will be introducing a line of Signature Fabrics in 2015 as our commitment to reestablishing “The American Cloth”.

Our “Washington 1789” signature fabric is a classic American style Gabardine made with very fine 2 ply yarns.
This tightly woven, wool cloth was perfected by American textile producers in the 20th century and used to make suits, overcoats, trousers and other garments. The monotone colored fabric is known for its durability and “wearability”, and was the fabric of choice for arctic explorers and mountain climbers throughout the late 19th century.

The new American Woolen Company’s Gabardine cloth is both soft and strong which makes it perfect for the year-round garment. Gabardine jacket and trousers travel well and exude modern elegance.

American Woolen Company
Reintroducing: Excellence. Made in America.

Photos by Christopher Draghi for American Woolen Company